what i do:


My name is Jennifer Fujimura and I'm a web designer in Orange County, CA. I'm an ideas person; part of my work is coming up with ideas that will help people communicate their message beautifully and effectively. I like to think, analyze, research, and design concepts that can be visually recognized through a web presence. My great ideas come from research, inspiration, failure, and everyday life.

My experience is in web design and development, and in graphic and media design. I have a bachelors degree in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of California-Orange County, and a second bachelors degree in Business Administration from Biola University. If you're looking for well thought-out, structured designs that communicate, contact me.


Jen Fuji is an abbreviated version of my name and is a prime example of how I like to simplify complex ideas and make them easier to communicate to an audience.

My Process

Thinking is an important part of my process. This means thinking about conservation and economy, branding, information architecture, user experience, and the details. When entrusted with a design, I am courteous of every pixel, em, point, and frame.

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